Call For Submissions

Eborakon can only consider previously unpublished material, including that sent in by literary agents. Submissions should be sent as a Word document to and should be single spaced unless for formal effect. Manuscripts should be accompanied by a SASE or, in the case of mss. sent from abroad to the editors at the address in York, by sufficient International Reply Coupons (IRC) to cover return postage. (Note: These are often only available at larger post offices in the USA.) We accept concurrent submissions, but ask that you inform us promptly if you need to withdraw your poems. Please include a brief biography in your email. We can consider six poems per submission, or a one hundred line extract from a long poem, and aim to respond within 6-8 weeks. No feedback is given and all decisions are final. Unfortunately, we cannot remunerate work that appears in our pages. Deadline for submissions: 31st March 2014. 

Eborakon also dedicates several pages per issue to “the unexpected”: this can take the form of artwork, photography, collage, sections from libretti/words to music, a critical essay that is playful and creative (no academic pieces shall be considered), or anything we find outlandish, outré, original.

We publish flash-reviews of contemporary poetry collections and anthologies in one hundred words or less. If you would like us to consider a review, please send an enquiry email in the first instance. Reviews must focus on poetry or related areas published within the last twelve months, and must be incisive and brief.


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